Corporate Law, a budding career option in India

corporate law

Gone are the days when the ‘Corporate World’ was a term associated for only those who were a part of Business and Management. We today stand and work in a world where the word corporate has become synonymous with almost all fields including Legal Studies. As in the corporate world the business ethics are followed, similarly, for the proper functioning of the corporate world, knowledge of corporate laws has become a necessity today.

Career in Corporate Law is growing at the very fast pace in India too just like abroad. Now people with background in law studies are not only entitled to practice cases in the court but with the time they have also find a career in the business sector.

What is a Corporate Law?

Corporate Law is the study of interaction between the shareholders, director, employees, creditors, community and environment. It acts as a part of Companies law which deals with the functioning and operations of an organization. Under Corporate Law, all organizations have a separate legal identity with liabilities to its stakeholders.

Corporate law can be the best career option, if you are interested in solving problems especially related to business.

A Corporate Lawyer is one who works for business companies and represent their entities such as associations, joint ventures, sole proprietorship and partnerships. A Corporate lawyer is required to give his valuable advice to the clients and should have knowledge on bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, contract laws, tax, securities laws, etc. A Corporate lawyer needs to wear two caps, one as business advisor and another as legal.

Eligibility to be a Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer should not only carry a degree in law but should also have the complete information regarding various laws issued by the government as this will help him/her in climbing the stairs of success.

Before entering a law school aspiring corporate lawyers should have completed their undergraduate program majors in business, economics and finance. A corporate lawyer requires normally seven years of undergraduate and post graduate education.

Undergraduate academic exams are required for the admission in the further studies of Corporate law course. Admissions are often highly competitive, with preference frequently granted to students who have high test scores and college GPAs.

Updated knowledge of rules about the business world and companies is must for a corporate lawyer.

Job Prospect

After the completion of studies, Corporate Lawyer can acts as a legal personnel or advisor for a corporate house. Can find employment in court, government sector, corporate organizations, public corporates, real estate firms, share market, etc. Corporate Lawyer can also practice privately as legal advisors, advocates, solicitors etc.


For the beginners in any field salary package is a major concern but as a professional corporate lawyer, a fresher can start nearly with the package of Rs 3-4 lakh on an average which can be definitely upgraded to Rs 8-10 lakh with time.

Top Law Colleges in India

Some of the Top Law Colleges in India which offer specializations, degree in the field of corporate law comprise the following:

  • Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi
  • Nalsar Law University, Hyderabad
  • National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata
  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore
  • Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RJNUL) Patiala

Corporate law can be a good option for those who are interested in a growing career of business and law.