Common Mistakes by Job-Seekers

Despite the fact that there are so many openings for jobs and abundance of people applying for jobs there is a very small lot of the applications from which the hirer can shortlist candidates. The difference is because of the fact that most candidates make the cardinal mistake of losing on the opportunity by not being able to either apply properly or lose out on the chance of a good follow up.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the visitors on our website:

  • What are the mistakes people make while applying for a Job?
  • Please inform about the common errors while filling an application for employment?
  • What are the common causes that job application gets rejected?
  • Is it true that a mistake in your job application can cost you an interview?

There are some very blatant mistakes that job seekers often make without even realizing what they have done. Let’s look at some of the common mistake made by job seekers and going on a way to avoid them.

Incomplete Application

If the hirer has put it up there then it does definitely have a meaning to it. Do not make the mistake of leaving questions unanswered or leaving space for the required information. Your very first reflection of yourself is left incomplete and the recruiters are left with the painstaking job of guessing. So go on and do your bit and provide all relevant details. Recruiters who are time crunched will not have the time and patience to give a second look at your application.

Not following instructions

It is very important that you refrain from doing things which your recruiter does not want. If it says that you are required to mail in your application, then do so rather than calling the person up and clearing going against what he has marked in the first place. It is not a matter of doing what the other person has asked you to do but also making a statement of what you are and the your willingness of being able to adhere to instructions.

Not being specific

Most of the companies today will publicize about the position up for grabs on an online job portal. The job portals, further, have an ‘Apply’ button for immediately applying for the job. The worst you can do is apply for the job then and there. You need to be specific to the position you want to apply for and modify your job application in a way that you are a more suitable person for the job. Avoid being generic at all costs as it appears that you are either too desperate for the job and throws a very half hearted attempt for applying for the job.

Applying in a rush

The thing with doing things in haste is that you are bound to goof things up. Never try to fill your employment application when you are in a hurry. You are bound to miss something or make a mistake somewhere. Take out the time to fill your application form and do so with great amount of attention and detail. Double check everything that you fill and make sure that the details you have mentioned are correct. Check for any typos or other mistakes that you could have made.

Attracting undue attention

Know this for once and for all, that unless you are in the creative business no one wants to look at a bright or gimmicky job application or CV. It is good thing to stand out and make sure that your CV or job application is noticed but the use of flashy or flamboyant language or footers might get you noticed, but for all the wrong reasons.

Not following up

Not following up with the firm/ employer you have applied to is one of the biggest mistakes that a job seeker can make. It is good to follow up with the recruiter but remember to do so in moderation. If the recruiter asks for some time, then learn to control your curiosity and not bother the hirer every day. The key is to be polite and show interest in the position while enquiring about your application.