Boost your career working with a start-up

boost your carrer

Ever wondered how a start-up can help boost your career. The thing with start ups is that they are a motivated set of people, more than others, because there is a ‘zeal’ to make things work. So when a MBA thinks of working for one, be assured that there is something good to come out of it.

People who have worked with start-ups and observed ones will assure that the amount of challenge in start up might be greater than other well established companies, especially for those willing to face that challenge. For someone who has just finished his/ her MBA it wouldn’t be an insane idea to go venture out and look for companies which have recently been formed than the usual big names in the field.

The advantages of being with a start-up


Rest assured, when working for a start-up you will see much more importance will be given to you and your opinion. In terms of opportunity there would be much bigger roles that come your way than the normal established brands would offer you any given day. Although one can argue about the risks in hand but along with that comes the scope of bigger rewards.


When you plan to work for a start-up, be sure that there will be bigger responsibilities that will come your way along with bigger opportunities. You will also notice that along with the bigger responsibilities that you will come to face here, the same are bound to be different. While in an established brand or a MNC you will be working and doing the same old routine day in and day out, be prepared to work the hand you are dealt with in a start-up.


Bigger companies are known to be less flexible and take time to adjust and flex to newer ideas while it is the other way round with start-ups. While more work might be delegated to you but be rest assured that there will also be recognition of that work. There is a breadth of roles and responsibilities that you will deal with on a daily basis. This also means that so will your mistakes.


Working with a start-up will instil a sense of ownership, which brings pride for one’s work as the chances of it being recognised are much greater here. More than anything, you will be inspired to be a part of the team and take over when required. In case of larger corporations the chances of you being able to lead on entry level are minimal if not bleak. Here you will be thrust with ideas and situations where the only option will be to perform.


On deciding to work with a start-up clear any inhibitions that you might have of working hard. There will be no substitute to being diligent and putting in extra hours whenever the time calls for it. You will be required to get your hand dirty rather than someone else doing stuff for you. Your not dying attitude will get you very far and maybe sooner than you think.

The survey reports

In a recent survey which was carried out by the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance showcased the result how the maximum hiring from business schools was from start-up companies. The study conducted brought to notice that around 53 per cent of the 80 schools that were the part of the survey had the biggest increase in recruiting and all this was a result of start-ups hiring from the platform.

Also according to a recent The Economic Times report, Bain’s private equity report for 2014 states that despite an overall slowdown, private equity continued to play a pivotal role in India’s capital needs, accounting for 54 per cent of foreign direct investment inflows in 2013 against 45 per cent in 2012. This year has seen 73 VC deals so far, generating $230 million, according to research firm Venture Intelligence.

Also as per the same ET report, Kelly Services have estimated that 12,000 to 15,000 jobs will be fashioned in the next six months in the space. “Every year, 20,000 to 25,000 jobs are created by startups in India. This number is likely to go up,” quoted Kamal Karanth, MD, Kelly Services India and Malaysia.

Also Shiv Agrawal, MD, ABC Consultants is of the idea that the demand such companies and people interested in it has doubled over the last year and excerpted that, “with funding flowing in, demand for talent has been high unlike other sectors which have taken a cautionary approach to hiring.”