CA-CPT 2021 Exam Preparation Tips

The examination department of Institute of Charted Accountants of India conducts the entrance examination for becoming a Chartered Accountant. The examination is conducted in different levels and the first of many to follow is the CA CPT, which is a Common Proficiency Test. It is an entry level test for Chartered Accountancy Course. It is a test of four subjects i.e. Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. This test is of 200 marks. This test is divided into two sessions of two hours.

CA CPT 2021 Exam Preparation Tips

The basic aim behind the test is to check the aptitude for the CA course you would be undertaking. We are listing for you some easy and very doable tips for cracking the CA CPT June 2021 test.

1. Since you need to score at least 30 per cent in all subjects, remember that you need to concentrate on all subjects so that you can qualify the basics for all subjects. This is a recent change because until now the rules were overall than subject wise. 

2. Since you are appearing for a CA paper remember that Accounting is the key. If your basics in accounts are clear, your chances of clearing the examination automatically rise. Make sure you practice the subject well and learn your theory too.

3. Another important prospect for CPT is the Mercantile Law. After accounts it is referred to as most scoring subject. Again, don’t fret just calmly practice and learn the Contract Act as well.

4. Although economics as a whole is scoring and easy in comparison to other subjects and in this too try and complete Macro Economics first as it is more scoring.

5. Although some get flustered in mathematics and statistics but remember that not all topics are the same. There are some easier than others and so try and complete the ones learnt during your school terms. In statistics try and complete Differentiation and integration, Correlation and regression and theoretical distribution as these are important.

6. Although some are of the opinion that you should not be attempting the whole paper but the logic defies this belief. Attempt questions you are sure off. Only later try your hand at the parts you are not sure about.

7. Most importantly study with planning. Don’t haphazardly study anything. Make a system and then adhere to it.

8. The more you practice the more things would make sense.