The one quality for becoming "Super Successful

You want to become super successful. You can. All you need is one quality that will ensure that you become one. All the successful people had this one must quality. They all had humble beginnings & failures but they did not stop .This quality pushed them to move forward and achieve their goals. Brains, money, opportunities, mentors might have contributed for their success but there were only tools that were used. They can be created .Real success is because of that one quality.

What’s that one quality? …You should have a “burning desire” to be successful.

Nonsense, I had once a desire, a wish to be among the top three in class. But you see all I got was a little bit higher marks than the usual. That’s all but nowhere near the top three. What have you got to say for this ?

Well, What happened above ? You had the desire but it was just a desire. It’s not enough .Why ?.A desire will remain a desire, a wish will remain a wish if it is not burning, strong desire. Your desire should be such that it is above everything else in the world. There should be a burning passion that you remember it every single moment. It should be at the back of your mind all the time.

To illustrate the above point read this story ….

A boy who had no money, education and with a humble background strongly desired to become rich and successful. Every moment he kept on thinking the way, the means to become one. He went the wealthy merchant in town and asked him for a loan. “ What for ? “. The merchant asked. The boy replied “ I want to start a business and for that I need capital “.The merchant said “ If you really want to start a business you can start even with the dead mouse lying over there “.

The boy took the mouse and walked along. Presently he saw a man with a pet cat. He pursued the man to buy the dead mouse for his cat. With that money he purchased and prepared some buttermilk and sold it to the weary farmers nearby. But he was far from satisfied.

Always at the back of his mind, he remembered what the wealthy merchant had said . He decided to look for other avenues of income. Soon he came across lot of coconut shells & coirs strewed all over from the coconut oil factory. He said that he will take them for which he was gladly given permission.

What do to with this ?. He collected ideas from many and decided that he could make toys, ropes, mats etc from them. He roped in a person whom he knew was talented in this type of work. He sold them to tourists, shops and passer-bys. But he was not yet satisfied.

Constantly looking out for opportunity, one day he got a contract for bulk order. No looking back. He hired more people, expanded his business, started exporting, ventured into other areas where nobody thought of going and he become very rich.

He made a golden mouse and took it to the wealthy merchant from whose house he had taken the dead mouse. The merchant was very impressed and made him his son-in-law.

Moral.” Because he had the strong desire he dug out opportunities from where nobody thought they existed , He got ideas from others, he created money, opportunities & mentors, because of his strong desire.

Even you can achieve in a great way what you desire, provided you have a strong burning passionate desire. All the best.