Be careful while selecting a college for Higher Education

higher education

It is every student’s dream to graduate out of the best college available. Many reach their goals while some, despite working hard, aren’t able to make it. Then the dejected students look out for other colleges. They consider every other college as just another run of the mill, out of which if they pass out, nobody is going to acknowledge them. This is a false belief. There are many colleges worth the respect and honor that IITs and IIMs get; you just have to widen your horizons. After all it is the students that make the college.

While selecting a college there are a few things that you have to be careful about. Before short listing a college, you need to make sure that it has the AICTE approved or the UGC grant in case of a university. If you graduate out of a non accredited institute you will not be considered for registration as a professional and you won’t qualify for any scholarship or education loan either. Lists of colleges and their curricula, including accreditation information, are available at school and public libraries.

Other important areas to look out for are the infrastructure, the faculty, living areas (if you plan to stay in the hostel), placement records and job assistance offered by the institute. Visit the college official website and get the required information. You can then confirm it from a student presently studying there or even from alumni. You could find where the alumni are currently placed. The best way to get the right information is the students of the college. They will guide you in the right way because once bitten, twice shy.

If possible you should go for a campus tour to the college. Nowadays, many colleges offer this facility (provided you register well before hand). When you personally visit the college it becomes easier for you to take the decision.

The decision should be made after careful investigation of all opportunities available, and consultation with persons familiar with the college. Catalogues outlining courses of study and entrance requirements should be requested from the colleges you are considering attending. Join a college only when you’re sure that it’s going to be the best for you and your career. Don’t lose out on good colleges just because of the heavy tuition fees. If you search well you will definitely bag a scholarship, and if that doesn’t work you always have the option of education loans. Remember that money may be an issue but quality education is important