What is your Learning Style ?

A learning style is a way of learning. YOUR preferred learning style is the way in which YOU learn best. Three learning styles that are often identified in students are the Auditory Learning Style, the Visual Learning Style, and the Tactile(Sense of Touch – tangible). Read about each of these learning styles to identify YOUR preferred learning style.

Are you an Auditory Learner?

Auditory Learners learn best when information is presented in an auditory language format. Do you seem learn best in classes that emphasize listening to teacher lectures and class discussions? Does listening to audio tapes help you learn better? Do you find yourself reading aloud or talking things out to gain better understanding? If YES, you are probably an Auditory Learner.

Are you a Visual Learner?

Visual Learners learn best when information is presented in a written language format or in another visual format such as pictures or diagrams. Do you do best in classes in which teachers do a lot of writing at the Blackboard, provide clear NOTES, and make extensive use of an overhead projector? Do you try to remember information by creating pictures in your mind? Do you take detailed written notes from your textbooks and in class? If YES, you are probably a Visual Learner.

Are you a Tactile Learner (Sense of Touch – tangible)?

Tactile Learners learn best in hands-on learning settings in which they can physically manipulate something in order to learn about it. Do you learn best when you can move about and handle things? Do you do well in classes in which there is a lab component? Do you learn better when you have an actual object in your hands rather than a picture of the object or a verbal or written description of it? If YES, you are probably a Tactile Learner.

Your learning style is your strength . First – Think about it, Take help of your parents or friends to identify what your learning style is . Go with it whenever you can. When you can choose a class, try to choose one that draws heaviest on your learning style. If you are given an option to choose to choose your teacher, try to choose one who’s teaching method best matches your learning style. When you choose a professional career and future career, keep your learning style firmly in mind. And here is an unconditional Guarantee – your whole life will be better. Stop Reading here. Think……Think….Think – Pick up your Notebook or writing pad and start writing in clear words “MY LEARNING STYLE”

About me – I am a Visual Learner. I love reading and I grasp / understand things easily when I read or see a picture or diagram. I am not an Auditory Learner as my mind gets distracted easily listening to Lectures or audio tapes. I am also not a Tactile Learner as I am not comfortable with actually handling things.

What is your Learning Style?