Got a wrong branch – What to do ?

Got a wrong branch –  What to do ?

This is the problem of most of the students. After the admission they realize that they have got the wrong branch or this branch is not for him/her. This may happen due to your mistake or due to your lower rank.
But this is not the end even now you can change your branch or can do something else. Surprised !  Yes it is true I will tell you how this is possible  ?

If  you  have taken admission through AIEEE in NIT’s then it is possible there are two ways.

1.Branch sliding
2.Branch change

  1. Branch sliding

After your admission any NIT in the month of September-December  if any of the seat in any branch remain vacant due to some reason then it is filled by the respective candidate of that state or UT on the basis of your AIEEE rank. Here you have a good chance to change your branch once more but it totally depends upon

(a) No. of seat vacant
(b)Your AIEEE rank

if your branch is not changed till now then don’t worry you will have another chance to change your branch and this time it will be totally depend upon you and your academic performance throughout first year. This is a golden chance for you.

2.Branch change:
 This happens at the end of second semester to give a chance of meritorious student to change their branch but rules are different from institute to institute. Like

(a) Minimum no of marks/CGPA(combined grand performance index)required in your first year
(b) Max. no of seat available for branch change.

Here  it totally depends upon your academic performance so be ready for this and work hard throughout year to catch this opportunity.

Even now if your branch is not changed due to some reason then don’t be disappointed. If You want to change the branch for job opportunity reason only, then don’t worry because now a days software companies are allowing each branch for recruitment and you can be a software engineer .It does not matter from which discipline you are. So enjoy your studies and best of luck