by Deepika Bahri

The progress and insistence on quality of education coupled with rapid strides in spread of knowledge calls for equally developed and able recipients. Thus, a definite need is felt for well-developed personality and character in our life. The vedantic concept of personality development is based on the concept of perfection of each soul and self-confidence for realization and manifestation of inner knowledge.

A well integrated personality is the sum total of harmonious expression of the following five dimensions:

  1. Physical self.
  2. Energy self.
  3. Intellectual self.
  4. Mental self.
  5. Blissful self.

Physical Self

Physical self relates to our senses. Proper nourishment and growth of physical faultiest is essential by way of balanced diet, recreation, music, care and concern from near and dear ones. A simple pat on the back for any achievement in life goes a long way to build up confidence. However, discretion and discrimination are they key words in this regard. Otherwise, there is every chance that senses would create havoc by way of infatuation and attachment to the sense object.

Energy Self

Energy Self is somewhat subtler than the first. It relates to metabolism and the gross manifestations of energy (Prana), for instance, the act of breathing. The control of Prana is achieved by control of anger, anxiety and restlessness.

Intellectual Self

Intellectual self concerns with discriminative power and knowledge, what we call “buddhi”. In addition to sincere and formal studies, reading other books like biographies of great and noble persons and invigorating literature helps us develop this faculty.

Mental Self

Mental self is related to stress and psychology. Here selflessness, control, concentration and calmness of mind plays essential role.

Blissful Self

Anandamaya Kosha or blissful self is the function of state of being. It calls for remaining calm and unaffected; remain happy in all the frivolities of world, in neck break competition and struggle, in calamities and disasters, in suffering and loss, in failure and success.

The five-fold method to attain such state of heightened perfection and purity are:

  • Self Effort.
  • Self Control.
  • Self Reliance.
  • Self Sacrifice.
  • Self Knowledge.

Self Effort. You need to work systematically and sincerely to achieve better standards. Following efforts will help to improve yourself:

2-3 kms run in the morning. At young age walking may not be appropriate.

Learn and play outdoor games in the evening.

Undertake trekking and other adventure activities during holidays/vacations.

Improve your communication skill.

Read national newspapers and keep yourself updated.

Read books, magazines etc and improve your general knowledge and awareness.

Self Control. This can be learnt by concentration and meditation. Sincere prayers for 5-10 minutes in the morning and meditation of about 15 minutes will help.

Self Reliance. This means have faith and confidence in you. Positive thinking, positive talking and positive doing can achieve this. The following activities will help:

Plan your life. Set personal goals, which are practical, balanced and achievable.

Develop your self-speech. Stand in front of mirror and make self-speech statements.

Participate in public speaking, discussions, debates etc.

Do not contaminate your body with toxins either through food drinks or toxic emotions.

Self Sacrifice. This can achieved by having compassion for others and helping others even at the cost of your time, comforts and may be money.

Self Knowledge. Know yourself, your strong points and areas, which need improvement in your personality. Reading good literature on introspection, biographies/autobiographies of great personalities will help.

A simple practice programme is needed to make this “intellectual gymnastic” a part of your life. Daily physical exercises, outdoors activities, acquisition of knowledge, sincere prayers and meditation, developing good habits, compassion and care for others, developing good friend circle and finally knowing yourself will make you a goods human being. It will surely change your life.