Top MSc Animation colleges in India

Animation and multimedia are fast becoming sought after professional courses in India. Animation or is the art or science of creating animated images using computer graphics. Computer animation is used extensively across various domains nowadays – film, television, video games and even industrial machines employ the use of animation.

Master of Science or M.Sc. in Animation is a postgraduate course which is designed to teach students the advanced skills of creating drawings or models into an illusion of movement or motion. It is a 2 year course and is divided in 4 semesters. M.Sc. Animation is offered by very few colleges in India.

Top MSc Animation colleges in India

This article comprises the list of top animation institutes in India. The lists provide the names of the best animation institutes in India. These top animation institutes offer 2D, 3D animation and web designing courses. Let’s check here the list of some of the top institutes offering M.Sc. Animation in India:

  1. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) Delhi
  2. Arena Multimedia, New Delhi
  3. Tekno Point Multimedia, Bangalore, Karnataka
  4. Apeejay Institute of Design, South Delhi
  5. Massco Media, Noida
  6. Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA), New Delhi
  7. National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), New Delhi
  8. The Toonz-Webel Academy, Kolkata, West Bengal
  9. Global School of Animation, Delhi
  10. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
  11. Escotoonz Animation, Faridabad
  12. Hearts Animation Academy, Hyderabad
  13. The JJ School of Arts, Mumbai

Animation is one of the concrete, lucrative and demanding career options that serves both entertainment and education (e-learning) industries alike. The want for more and more skilled animators has brought about a rise in job opportunities and ascended the demand for animation as a lucrative career option. However, this boom would not only be confined to the animation industry but also spill over to the mobile and computer gaming industries.

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