Top Blunders to avoid while making a career choice


Every student has his/her own set of motivational factors. Base on these factors most people make choices which last a life time. While making a career choice can be categorized under the top factors which can govern your life for a life time, it is up to the individual and to some extent the parent to make sensible decisions.

Do not hurry in choosing what you think is right or wrong for you purely based on what everyone else tells you. The decision will last your life time, so it’s advisable that you spend some time discovering the options available.

Let us discuss some of the commonly committed blunders committed by students while choosing a caress and how to simply steer clear of them.

Must be right because your parents say so:

Parents play a very important part in one’s life, given! But, making a career choice purely based on your parents will haunt you someday. Listening to them is important but don’t purely form decisions on ‘said so’.

Parents also hold the responsibility steer their children away from something that they themselves like or prefer. On the contrary, children should be encouraged towards something they have a knack for and also an aptitude.


Everyone is entitled to their choices along with capabilities and weaknesses. To each their own! Isn’t that true; everyone has their own personality tweaks and interest.
Your interests might not lead you to a certain career right away but will surely help you decide your skills and capabilities, which in turn will guide you towards a stream.
It is never a bad idea to take some professional help; counselors, guides, etc.

Blindly making decisions:

At an age like this, students are easily influenced by friends, seniors, preconceived notions and limited knowledge. They would want to make a decision because either someone around them is doing the same or they assume things to be true without doing any research.
The fact is that one’s who have already made it to their respective careers would be confused if they were to make a decision today. We choose to blindly follow without researching on our own.
Research well about a stream, college, profession and then make your final decision.

Ignoring aptitude tests:

We are today in an era where things can be made much easier if we choose to believe so. The option of getting your aptitude checked will not only give you a simple result of how you move from here on but will also give direction and surety to your decisions.
An aptitude test is a standardized test that helps in determining the probability of a person’s success in some activity in which he/she has not yet been trained.

Not setting goals:

You might not be grown up enough to know what is the 100 percent right thing to do, nut then does anybody ever. The thing is that by now you should have a clear cut idea of how you would envision your life to be 10 years from now.

You need to take control of where you are headed in life. Having a goal is of utmost importance while deciding your career.

Making money the utmost priority:

Money is an important aspect of the end result of your career choice. You will end up earning as per the choices you make here onwards, but remember that it is not the only important thing to stick to.
Don’t base your career decision on this factor alone or giving it the top most priority.
It’s difficult to predict the most lucrative job but keep in mind that if you’re good at what you do, you will get your recognition.

Making a career is not a single decision that you will have to make, it is a set of decisions that you’d be required to make while you pass through different stages of your life and take responsibilities that you are required to make.

So choose well and earlier you start the better.