Sido-Kanhu Murmu University Dumka

(State University)



S.K.M. University is situated in one of the most backward areas of the country dominated by the Santhals and the Pahariyas. Named after Sido and Kanhu, the two great martyrs of Santhal Hul of 1855, who manumitted the aborigins – the Pahariyas and the Santhals and also other dwelling in this region from he exploitation by the money-lenders, Zaminadars as well as the persons enjoying powers, S.K.M. University, Dumka was established with the aim of providing facilities for higher education and research in the Santhal Parganas where the facilities were poor or none. Even then, within the limits and constraints, S.K.M. University has been serving the purpose for which it was established, admirably, by bringing about a social and educational revolution in the Santhal Parganas.

Courses Offered

Faculty Of Humanities  
1.  Hindi
2.  English
3.  Santhali
4.  Philosophy

Faculty Of Social Science 
1.  Economics
2.  Political Science
3.  Psychology
4.  History

Faculty Of Science 
1.  Physics
2.  Chemistry
3.  Botany
4.  Zoology
5.  Mathematics

Vocational Courses 
1.  Geo Exploration and Drilling Technology
2.  Sericulture and Silk Technology
3.  Seed Technology
4.  Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management
5.  Bio- Technology (Proposed)

Post Graduate Courses

  1. MCA
  2. MTech
  3. MCA
  4. MBA

Admission Process

Admission is any course would be made on the basis of candidate’s performance in the admission test; if and where, no test in conducted, admission would be made on the basis of aggregate total marks secured by the candidate in / at the qualifying examination and marks obtained by the candidate in eligibility subject
For latest information regarding Courses duration ,eligibility, and fee structure visit University/college website

Affiliated Colleges

Constituent Colleges
1.  Deoghar College, Deoghar  1951
2.  Sahibganj College, Sahibganj  1953
3.  S.P. College, Dumka  1954
4.  Godda College, Godda  1954
5.  S.R.T. College, Dhamri  1964
6.  K.K.M. College, Pakur  1966
7.  Jamtara College, Jamtara  1961
8.  A.S. College, Deoghar  1970
9.  R.D.B.M. College, Deoghar  1970
10.  Madhupur College, Madhupur  1970
11.  S.P.M. College, Dumka  1967
12.  B.S.K. College, Barharwa  1982
13.  Millat College, Parsa  1986

Affiliated Colleges
1.  A.N. College, Dumka  1979   (Permanent affiliation)
2.  S.B.S.S.SP.S.J. College, Pathergama  1980   (Permanent Affiliation)   3.
Mahila College, Godda  1983   (Permanent affiliation)
4.  Dr. Jagannath Mishra College, Jasidih  1979  (Permanentt affiliation)
5.  B.L.N.L. Bohra College, Rajmahal  1980
6.  B.S.A. ahila College, Barharwa  1981
7.  Shikaripara College, Shikaripara  1982
8.  S.K.M. College, Maheshpur Raj  1982
9.  Jamtara Mahila Sandhya College, Jamtara  1982
10.  J.J.S. College, Mihijam  1983
11.  Evening College, Pakur  1983
12.  M.G. College, Raneshwar  1985
13.  Degree College, Nala  1988
14.  B.J.Azad College, Kundhit  1988
15.  Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sahibganj


Sido-Kanhu Murmu University
(State University)

Santal Pargana,
Dumka 814 101

Tel : 06434-223006, 222415, 222495, 237082
Fax : 06434-222415
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VC: Dr Phatik Chandra Hembram
Reg: Dr Raghunandan Ram