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The Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, (DIAT) as it is known today, came into being as the Institute of Armament Studies in 1952 in the CME campus.

In 1967, the Institute was renamed as “Institute of Armament Technology, (IAT)”, which moved to its present location at Girinagar, Pune. From the relatively narrow scope of Armament Studies alone in the Fifties, the role of the Institute was considerably enlarged by the Defence R&D Council in 1964 and further in 1981.

On the basis of accreditation by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), Pune University recognised eight courses for the award of ME degree in 1980. In the year 2000, the Institute acquired the status of a Deemed University. IAT has been renamed as DIAT w.e.f. 1st April 2006.

Courses Offered

Services provided to Defence Services
Training courses at DIAT span a wide spectrum of technologies including regular long and short term courses, POINTS programme for DRDO officers, and capsule courses as per requirement. It has trained over 20,000 officers in these areas, a few of which include:

  1. Advanced Air Armaments
  2. Advanced Marine Engineering
  3. Advanced Navy Weapon System
  4. Aerospace Quality Assurance and Management
  5. Aircraft Weapons Delivery System
  6. Aircrew Ejection System
  7. Armour Materials
  8. Electromagnetic Interference and compatibility
  9. Guided Missile Technology
  10. High Energy Materials
  11. LASER and Electro-Optics
  12. Marine Propulsion and Control
  13. Military Vehicles Technology
  14. Modelling and Simulation Techniques
  15. Range Techniques and Technology
  16. Special Weapons

M.Tech Programmes

  1. M.Tech (Aerospace Engg)
  2. M.Tech (Mech) (weapons)
  3. M.Tech (Automotive Engg)
  4. M.Tech (Marine Engg)
  5. M.Tech (signal Processing & Communication)
  6. M.Tech (Air Armament)
  7. M.Tech (Modelling & simulation)
  8. M.Tech (Laser & Electro Optics)
  9. M.Tech (Chemistry) (High Energy Materials)
  10. M.Tech (Gas Turbine Technology)

Long Term Courses

  1. Diat conducts following long Courses(More than 26 weeks duration)
  2. Technical Staff Officers Course (Army)
  3. Technical Staff Officers Course (Air Force)
  4. Naval Technical Staff Course
  5. Technical Staff Course

Short Term Courses

  1. DIAT conducts 14 short courses (Less than 26 weeks).
  2. Armoured Vehical Technology Course
  3. Aircrew Ejection System Course
  4. Marine Assurance & Reliability Eng. Course
  5. Guided Weapon Introductionary Course For Long Gunnery (Foreign) Officers
  6. Deputy Armament Supply Officers Course
  7. Electro Magnetic Interferance / Electro Magnetic Compatibility Course
  8. Aerospace Quality Assurance Course
  9. Advanced Weapon Delivary System Course
  10. Modern Air Weapon Course
  11. Emeging Trends In Military Avionics
  12. Post Induction Training School

Admission Process

Admission is any course would be made on the basis of candidate’s performance in the admission test; if and where, no test in conducted, admission would be made on the basis of aggregate total marks secured by the candidate in / at the qualifying examination and marks obtained by the candidate in eligibility subject
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