IGNOU launches web based radio and television channels

Ushering in the era of educational reformations, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has taken a revolutionary step to enlighten students across the globe. The University has recently launched its unique web based radio and television channels and hopes that the initiative will greatly benefit learners spread across the country and the world.

Prof M. Aslam, the vice chancellor of the University, stressed on the many benefits while dedicating the new virtual channels to the educational world from the premises of Electronic Media Production Centre of IGNOU. He asserted that webzines, particularly the students of the University will now have easy access to curriculum of the highest quality. Further, the audio video programmes will give them the first of its kind opportunity to interact with subject experts in real time.

The vice chancellor emphasized on the efforts of IGNOU stating that they were mainly focused towards harnessing the modern advancements in the field of ICTs by switching from broadcast media to the online form. He opined that the initiate was in line with the Prime Minister’s objectives of the digital India programme. The best part is that the webcast can not only be easily accessed, but is economical as compared to commercial broadcasts.

Moreover, the web based channels are in public domain and students can directly long onto them from home by simply clicking on https://ignouonline.ac.in/Broadcast/. Adhering to IGNOU’s philosophy of openness in the educational system the University has confirmed that the students can do so without having to go to either the Regional or the Local Study Centres.

However, reports have stated IGNOU’s webcast will initially be on a pilot test. Later, high quality audio-video programmes alongside live interactions with subject experts would be customized to address the individual requirements of the students. The initiative adopted in consultation with different Schools of Studies and Regional Services Division (RSD) of IGNOU is expected to make a huge difference both on qualitative and quantitative fronts in the field of distance learning.