MCQs Question for Class 9 Science Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organism with Answers

CBSE Class 9 Science Chapter 7 “Diversity in Living Organism” Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Diversity in Living Organism MCQ – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 9 Science Book Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organism with Answers.  Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new Exam pattern. At the end of Multiple- Choice Questions, the answer key also has been provided for your reference.


Q.1. Who is the father of Biology?

(a) Carl Linnaeus  

(b) Theophrastus

(c) Charakan

(d) Aristotle


Q.2. First vascular plants on land were 

(a) Gymnosperms

(b) Pteridophytes 

(c) Bryophytes

(d) Algae


Q.3. The amphibians of plant kingdom are

(a) Bryophytes

(b) Cryptogamae

(c) Pteridophytes 

(d) Angiosperms 


Q.4. Observe the pictures of the given fish and bird.

The feature that places them in the same phylum is

(a) pointed heads

(b) presence of scales

(c) bulky thorax

(d) post-anal tail


Q.5. Ribbon-shaped and spiral chloroplast is present in

(a) Agaricus

(b) Spirogyra

(c) Chlamydononas

(d) Ulothrix


Q.6.  In which organisms, the structure of parapodia is present? 

(a) Nereis

(b) Leech

(c) Earthworm

(d)  Octopus


Q.7. Agaricus is

(a) Autotrophic

(b) Saprophytic

(c) Parasitic 

(d) Symbiotic


Q.8.  The main plant body in the life cycle of ferns is

(a) Thallus

(b) Sporophyte

(c) Saprophyte

(d) Gametophyte


Q.9. Observe the picture of an algae and a fungus as shown below.

The reason that both are placed under the same division Thallophyta is

(a) Both have differentiated plant bodies.

(b) Both are autotrophic.

(c) Both have adventitious roots.

(d) Plant body in both is not differentiated into root, stem and leaves.


Q.10. Pyrenoids are the structures seen in 

(a) Marchantia

(b) Cycas

(c) Spirogyra

(d) Funaria


Q11. Naked ovules and naked seeds are the characteristic features of

(a) Pteridophytes

(b) Gymnosperms

(c) Angiosperms

(d) Dicotyledons


Q.12. Euplectelea, Scycon and Spongilla belong to the phylum     

(a) Porifera

(b) Coelenterata

(c) Nematoda

(d) Echinodermata


Q.13. Two diagrams of spirogyra labelled by two students are given below

The correctly labelled diagram is

(a) Both are correct

(b) A

(c) B

(d) None is correct


 Q.14. Which is the highest level of classification?

(a) Species

(b) Kingdom 

(c) Genus

(d) Family


Q.15. Seeds of pinus have 

(a) Many cotyledons 

(b) Two cotyledons

(c) One cotyledon

(d) No cotyledon


Answer Key for Class 9 Science Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organism MCQs

Q. Ans Q. Ans
1 (a) 9 (d)
2 (b) 10 (c)
3 (a) 11 (b)
4 (d) 12 (a)
5 (b) 13 (b)
6 (a) 14 (b)
7 (b) 15 (d)
8 (d)


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