Find Inspiration with Gaur Gopal Das: 10 Life-Changing Quotes to Live By

Credit : India Today

If you want to change the

way you feel, change the

 way you live.

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Work for a cause, not for

applause. Live your life

to express, not to impress.

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Anyone can find the dirt

in someone. Be the one

that finds the gold.

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Self-discipline is about taking

charge of your mind and directing

it to act in the best interest of


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Live your life in such a way

that those who know you but don’t

know God, will come to know

God because they know you.

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Values aren’t taught by

what we say, they are

taught by our example

Credit : Times of India

We must find positivity

in the bleakest situations

and live by the principle

of gratitude

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Feed your faith

and all your doubts

shall starve to death.

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It is easy to make a

buck, but hard to

make a difference.

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