12 Powerful quotes by Oprah Winfrey on Success and Life

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Surround yourself only

with people who are

going to take you higher.

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The biggest adventure

you can ever take is to

 live the life of your dreams.

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When you undervalue

what you do, the world will

 undervalue who you are.

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The more you praise and

celebrate your life, the more

 there is in life to celebrate.

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What God intended for

you goes far beyond

 anything you can imagine.

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Doing the best at this

moment puts you in the best

  place for the next moment.

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You CAN have it all.

You just can't have

  it all at once.

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You don't become

what you want, you become

  what you believe.

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You get in life what

you have the courage

  to ask for.

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So go ahead. Fall down.

The world looks different

  from the ground.

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Think like a queen.

A queen if not afraid to fail.

 Failure is another stepping

 stone to greatness.

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True forgiveness is when

you can say -Thank you

 for that experience.

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