12 Life lessons from APJ Abdul Kalam - Inspiring Quotes

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“Dream, Dream, Dream. Dreams

 transform into thoughts

 and thoughts result in action.”

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“dream is not what you see

when you sleep at night,

but dream is something which

does not let you sleep.”

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“You cannot change your FUTURE,

you can change your HABITS.

 And surely your HABITS will

 change your FUTURE”

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“You have to Dream before

your Dreams can come true”

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“God, our Creator, has stored within

our minds and personalities, great

potential strength and ability. Prayer

helps us to tap and develop these


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my hand to someone who need

“I am not handsome but I can give

help... Because beauty is required

in heart not in face....”

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“When troublescome, try to

understand the relevance of

your sufferings.”

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“If you want to leave your

footprints On the sands of time

Do not drag your feet.”

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“praise publicly, but

criticize privately.”

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“If you want to shine like a

sun, first burn like a sun.”

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“Don’t read success stories, you

will only get a message. Read

failure stories, you will get some

ideas to get success.”

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“The best brains of the nation

 may be found on the last

benches of the classroom.”

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