"Reading Comprehension 101" - Get full marks by following these tips

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Carefully read the passage

and try to grasp the author's

main points.

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Identify the passage's

introduction, body, and conclusion.

This will clarify passage flow.

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Pay Attention : Note names,

dates, locations, and key events in

the passage.

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Look for Contextual Clues :

Transitional words and phrases can

reveal the author's opinion,

argument, or position.

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Use keywords to find

answers. Search the passage

for relevant terms.

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Answer the Questions in Order :

Start with your strongest answers.

Avoid confusion and answer all

questions by doing this.

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Check Grammar : Check your

answers for subject-verb

agreement, verb forms, and

tense consistency.

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Re-read the passage to make

sure you understood the

author's message and checked

your answers.

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Sample Questions: Practice

sample questions to improve

comprehension and familiarize

yourself with exam questions.

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Remember..  English Reading

Comprehension can be

mastered with practice

and language comprehension.

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