Positive effects of Exercising on the brain

Exercise can have the biggest positive impact on your brain. Students, if you want ideas to improve your concentration, read on.

The benefits of physical activity on mental health and social well-being are tremendous and affect every aspect of life.

Exercise boosts mental health - It reduces anxiety, depression, and  raises self-esteem and increases cognitive abilities.

Increases memory sharpness The same endorphins that improve your mood also aid in focus and help you feel intellectually alert for the tasks at hand.

Helps in formation of new brain cells - it guards against age-related deterioration.

Gives more Energy - Exercising several times a week, strengthens your heart rate will provide you extra energy.

Gives Stress Relief and Improvement in Mood - By improving mood and sleep, lowering stress and anxiety, and boosting mood, exercise can also indirectly improve memory and thinking.

Should be a part of one’s daily routine-  Aim for 150 minutes of reasonably vigorous exercise per week, such as brisk walking. Start with a few minutes a day, and increase the amount by five or 10 minutes every week until you reach your goal.