10 Less known facts about IITs in India

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The first IIT was established in

Kharagpur with help from the

Soviet Union in 1951.

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IIT Delhi was the first IIT to start

a management program in 1976.

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IIT Bombay is the only IIT with a

National Centre for Aerospace

Innovation and Research.

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IIT Madras is the only IIT with a

dedicated department for

Humanities and Social Sciences.

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IIT Gandhinagar is the only IIT with

a dedicated center for Cognitive

Science and Artificial Intelligence


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IIT Kanpur has a unique 'Design

Program' that focuses on teaching

design principles and their application

to real-world problems.

Credit :Hindustan Times

IIT Hyderabad has an Innovation

and Incubation Center (IIC) to

support student startups.

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IIT Roorkee is the oldest technical

institution in Asia, established as

the Thomason College of Civil

Engineering in 1847.

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IIT Jodhpur is the only IIT with a

dedicated department for

Bioscience and Bioengineering.

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IIT Bhubaneswar is the only IIT with

a School of Minerals, Metallurgical

and Materials Engineering.

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