10 Famous quotes by Carl Jung

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“Every human life contains a

potential. It that potential is

not fulfilled, that life was


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We are not what happened

to us, we are what we wish

to become.

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To ask the right question is

already half the solution of

a problem.

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Everyone you meet knows

something you don't know

but need to know. Learn

from them.

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The difference between a good

life and a bad life is how well

you walk through the fire

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“The meeting of two personalities

is like the contact of two chemical

 substances — if there is any

reaction, both are transformed.”

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Your visions will become

clear only when you can look

into your own heart.”

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“You are what you do, not

what you say you’ll do.”

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It all depends on how we look

at things, and not how they

are in themselves.”

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“If the path before you

is clear, you’re probably on

someone else’s.” 

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