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Spoken American English – Overview


In the business world people generally say that some particular accents are better for business than others, to such an extent that people even have to change their accent when doing some specific jobs.

This is particularly true for Indians especially in the BPO sector or call centers with so many job opportunities coming up. American Accent is one such accent which is widely used in corporate India.

American English is a set of accents/pronunciation of the English language which is used mostly in the United States.

Short Vowels

short a sound /æ/ (ayh) Examples: ask, bath, class
short e sound /ɛ/ (ay) Examples: bed, send, yes
short i sound /ɪ/ (eyh) Examples: it, lip, spin
short o sound /ɑ/ (aah) Examples: odd, box, shock
short u sound /ʌ/ (uh) Examples: us, duck, just

Examples of Short Vowel Sounds

short a cat c – a — t (kh-ay-t)
short e bed b – e -d (buh-ay-duh)
short i sit s – i-t (si-ay-tuh)
short o top t – o – p (tuh-aa-p)
short u sun s – u – n (si-uh-un)

The Consonant-Vowel-Consonant Pattern

Short vowels in words follow the Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) pattern. According to this pattern, the vowel is pronounced as a short vowel sound when there is a single vowel between two consonants.

The CVC pattern also applies when a word starts with a vowel sound and is followed by one or more consonants.
CVC pattern examples.

(Words followed by two (Words with initial consonants) vowel sound)

short a back at
short e bend end
short i sick it
short o lock opt
short u such us

Long Vowels in American English

Long vowel refers to vowel sounds whose pronunciation is similar to the letter. The five vowels of the English: a, e, i, o, and u; each have a corresponding long vowel sound.

Examples of Long Vowel Sounds

long a cake c – a — ke (kh-ay-kh)
long e keep k – ee — p (kh-ee-puh)
long i bike b – i – ke (buh-aaee-kh)
long o home h – o — me (huh-oh-um)
long u cute c – u — te (kh-u-th)

The Vowel-Consonant-e Pattern

According to VCe pattern, when a single consonant follows a single vowel, then the letter e as the first vowel is pronounced as a long vowel sound and the letter e at the end of the word is silent.

VCe pattern examples

long a late
long e delete
long i kite
long o note
long u cute

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