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Common Noun and Proper Noun – English Grammar Lesson

Common Noun and Proper Noun – English Grammar Lesson (by Ranjna Vedhera).


Noun is a word used as a name for a person, place or thing.


Common Noun
Proper Noun
Collective Noun
Abstract Noun


Common noun is a name commonly given to a person or thing of the same class or type.
1. Trees give us shade.
2. Boys are making the noise.
3. Girls a singing a song.


It is a special name given to a particular person, place or any living thing.


1. Sita was a dutiful wife.

2. John loves Mary.

More Examples: –

1. Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader.

2. Monika is a bright student.

NOTE: – Sometime a proper noun can also be used as a common noun.

3. Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.

4. We need many Gandhis to curb violence in a society.

Exercise for Practice

Point out the type of Noun of the underlined words in the sentences given below:

1. Do you believe in ghosts? (Common)
2. We worship many gods. (Common)
3. Meera is a religious person. (Proper) (Common)
4. The Ramayana is a great epic. (Proper) (Common)
5. Pt. Nehru was the first prime minister of India. (Proper) (Proper)
6. Seema is the monitor of her class. (Proper) (Common)
7. M.F Hussain was a great painter. (Proper) (Common)
8. Steve wants to marry Alice. (Proper) (Proper)

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