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Popular Awards Prizes and Honours | General Knowledge Videos

Awards , Prizes and Honours
Nobel Prize: Peace. Literature, medicine, Physics, Chemistry, (From 1901) and Economics (From 1969)
Pulitzer Prize: Journalism (From 1917)
Academy (Oscar Awards): Field (From 1929)
Kalinga Prize: Science (From 1952)
Booker Prize: Literature (From 1929)
Grammy Award: Music (From 1952)
Ramon Magsaysay Award: Government (Public) Service, Social Service, Journalism, Literature, Communication and International Understanding (From 1957)
Bharat Ratna Award: For Outstanding contributions in the field of Art/Literature/Science and Public Service
Dada Saheb Phalke Award: Film (From 1969)
Jnanpith Award: Literature (From 1965)
Saraswati Samman: Literature (From 1991)
Vachaspati Samman: Sanskrit Literature (From 1992)
Shankar Award: Indian Philosophy, Culture and Art
Kabir Samman: Socio-Communal Harmony
Vyas Samman Awards: Literature
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology: Science (From 1957)
Dhanvantari Award: Medical Science (From 1971)
Borlaug Award: Agriculture (From 1992)

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