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Olympics 2016 – MCQs for Entrance Exams – Bank PO AFCAT CDS NDA NA

Olympics 2016 – MCQs for Entrance Exams – Bank PO, IBPS CWE 2016, AFCAT, CDS , NDA NA , SSC and Bank Clerical recruitment Exams- Multiple choice Questions for Practice . Multiple choice Questions on Olympic Games Rio 2016. General Knowledge Questions on Rio Olympics 2016.

Olympics 2016 – MCQs For Answers – Check out the video


Q1 The 2016 Olympics at Rio is formally called __________
Q2 In which of these events did the Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt not win a gold medal?
Q3 Where is the Barra Olympic park located in Rio de Janerio?
Q4 Which country won the maximum number of medals ?
Q5 How many gold medals were won by the host country, Brazil?
Q6 What is the number of sports which were played at the 2016 Olympics?
Q7 Name the Indian woman wrestler who has won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics?
Q8 Name the swimmer from Singapore who has set a new Olympic record in 100 m butterfly, beating the previous record held by Michael Phelps of U.S.A.
Q9 Name the first Indian woman who has won a silver medal at the Olympics
Q10 Name the woman gymnast from U.S.A. who has won 4 gold medals at the 2016 Olympics.
Q11 Name the country which has won the third consecutive gold in men’s cycling track team sprint.
Q 12 How many countries have not won any medal at the games?
Q 13 Three of these teams participated in the Olympics for the first time. Pick the odd one out.
Q14 Which country has won the gold medal in football?
Q15 Name the Hungarian swimmer who has won 3 gold medals and a silver in backstroke and individual medley events?
Q16 Name the American swimmer who has won 5 gold and a silver medal.
Q17 Name the swimming event in which Michael Phelps has not won a gold medal.
Q18 Name the female swimmer from U.S.A. who has won four gold medals.
Q 19 Name the male athlete from Great Britan who has won 2 gold medals – 10,000 and 5,000 m events .
Q20 In which gymnastic event of these has Max Whitlock of Great Britain won a gold medal?

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