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General Knowledge – Important Dates to Remember

Up date your General Knowledge I Important Dates/ Days to remember

In the Video we come to know about the important dates and days of national and international level.

Like In India 12th January is celebrated as national youth day which is birthday of Swami Vivekananda.15th January celebrated as Army Day in India As recognition to Lt.Gen.K.m Carriappa.


26th January republic Day of India Celebrated since 1950,30th January Martyr’s Day Also Leprosy Eradication Day,Mahatma Gandhi was Assassinated on this day.

8th March International Women’s Day it is Celebrated world over to show respect for women .21st March International day of Forests Started since 2013.

22nd March World Day of Water started since 1993.22nd April World Earth Day Started since 1970.

1st May Lab our Day in commemoration of the may 4th 1886 Hay market affair in Chicago.31st May World No Tobacco Day started W.H.O since 1987.

5th June World Environment Day started since 1973.11th July World Population Day started since 1989.

15th August Indian Independence Day started since 1947.29th August Sports Day in India Birthday of famous Hockey player Dyan Chand.

5th September Teacher’s Day in India Birthday of Dr.S.Radhakrishanan.14th September Hindi Day and World First Aid Day Started since 1949.

2nd October Gandhi Jay anti Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.8th October Indian Air Force Day Started since 1950.

24th October United Nations Day to recognition there work for the mankind world over.14th November Celebrated as Children’s Day in India Also it is Birthday of Pt.J. Nehru.

1st December World Aids Day to celebrated spread awareness among people about the HIV infection.4th December Navy Day in India celebrated since 1971.

10th December Human Rights Day Started by the United Nations.
4th July American Independence Day Celebrated for declaring there independence from Great Britain now United Kingdom .

14th Feb Valentines Day in memory of Saint Valentine Celebrated world over.14th November World Diabetics Day Started since 1991.

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