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General Knowledge I Important Rivers of the World

In the video we have some of the most important rivers of the world

The first one is river Nile its the Longest river in the world.Amazon river is the second longest in the world.

Yangtze river is the third longest in the world.Mississippi river has the largest drainage system in North America.


Yenisei river is the central of the three Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic ocean.Huang ho river is the sixth longest river in the world.

Obi river is the fifth longest river in the world.Congo river is the worlds deepest river depth of 220 m.

Amur river is the tenth longest river in the world.Lena river is the eleventh longest river in the world.Mekong river is the twelfth longest river in the world.

And Lastly,Niger river it is the principle river of western Africa extending about 4,180 K.m.

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