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Why Should Students Read Newspapers

Why Should Students Read Newspapers by Arun Vedhera for SuccessCDs Videos for https://www.successcds.net written by Prof. Ranjna Vedhera

Reading newspapers provides wide ranging benefits for everyone in general but especially for the students they remain the most invaluable source of news and information, despite the onslaught of the electronic media.

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2 Responses to “Why Should Students Read Newspapers”

  1. Anuj says:

    Which are the BEST Newspapers one should read, if you are preparing for admission to MBA … appearing for MBA ENTRANCE EXAMS ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Anuj,

      Here are a few Newspapers and Magazines I can suggest for you to keep updated on Current Affairs / Business World

      The Hindu, MINT, Economic Times, Business Line, Business Standard, Business World, CSR, Outlook

      Best Wishes

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