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Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Ways to Improve Communication Skills by Arun Vedhera


It is everyone’s fond wish to be able to communicate fluently, flawlessly and effectively. Power of communication is one of the key ingredients of human personality-this explains the fact as to why:
Some people with very good looks and glamorous appearance lose their shine the moment they open their mouth.

On the other hand someone with very ordinary exterior draws people in droves, simply because of being blessed with the Gift of the Gab.

Many a time, eloquent speakers and talkers cut a sorry figure, the moment they are required to pen a few lines, draft a formal letter or even an application.

There are others who can write anything in a jiffy, from a treatise to an article or even a book.

Their creations are well-formulated, grammatically correct, impressive pieces of work.
These are not only written efficiently but are a joy to read.

Next there are those who not only speak fluently and impressively but also wield the pen with equal ease.

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  1. Piyush says:

    Nice video and immpresive also.

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