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Tips to improve spoken English

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“About this Video”

Tips to improve spoken English by Ranjna Vedhera for SuccessCDs Videos https://www.successcds.net/videos

Contents of the Video


· Spoken English can be a lot different from written English
· It may very depending upon the formal and in formal use
· In formally we most be use shorter expression

Examples :

See you / Help me / Watch out / What a pleasant surprise etc.
· It is not necessary to possess a very rich vocabulary in order to speak spontaneously and effectively

· A workable vocabulary of about 500 words and about 100 sentences can be used fairly successfully

· Appropriate use of word and sentences an phrases in more important
· Avoid speaking slang English as much as possible
· Speaking clearly and neutral accent is better than speaking than copying American accent which is a craze with youngsters these days.
· Use short and simple sentences correctly rather than longer and complicated ones
· Using polite expression adds great charm to conversation
· Try to enrich spoken vocabulary day by day
· Listening is a great aid for better speaking
· Listen to English news on TV channels
· Listen carefully to your teachers, relation and friends who speak good English
· Make a mental note of how good pronunciation differs from the way you speak words
· Practise to speak correctly again and again
· pay attention to be pronunciation of vowel and consonants
· English vowels e.g. a, e, i, o, u keep changing sounds according to words
Examples :
‘i’ can be pronounced as ‘i’ (b), in words slide pick, sick and lick etc.
And as in words like child, wild, tile and pile etc.
Similarly ‘e’ can be pronounced as ‘e’ in words like pet, net, set etc. or as ‘i’ (b) in words like enough, exciting and engage etc.

· Consonant do not very so much in pronunciation but they have their sound system

· Sometimes consonant are silent.


Walk, talk, (l is silent)

Doubt (B is silent)

Write (W is silent)

Psychology (P is silent)

Please pay attention to these variation in spoken english.

Intonation meaning

Intonation means the rise of fall of voice speaking.

Pay attention to proper rise and fall of tone of while speaking

This will save you from sounding monotonous.

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