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Learn English Grammar – The Verb

Learn English Grammar The Verb by Prof. Ranjna Vedhera for SuccessCDs Videos.

Definition …
A verb tells us what a person or thing does; what happens to someone or something or what is the state of a person or a thing.
Verb is action (What a person or thing does) —
Examples …
1. He works hard for a living.
2. I bought a book.
3. She danced beautifully.
4. Milk is boiling.

All the underlined words denote action.
2) Verb describes a state (How a person or thing is)
Examples …
1. She is no more.
2. They are poor.
3. Glass is brittle.
3) Verb denotes what is done to a person or thing.
Examples …
1. The toy is broken.
2. The guilty is punished.
3. The winners are rewarded.
4) A verb can be single or can have more than one word.
Examples …
1. I love mangoes. (Single word)
2. She is writing a letter. (Two words)
3. My brother is playing outside. (Two words)
4. It has been raining since morning. (Three words)
Main verbs and helping verbs
Look at these sentences.

1. She is very busy.
2. Reena is going to Delhi.
3. The cricketers are playing a match.
4. I have no money.
5. Tom has been preparing for the examination.
Please remember …
In the first sentence, ‘is’ being the only ‘verb’, is the main verb.
In the second sentence, the verb has two words ‘is going’. ‘Going’ is the main verb here and ‘is’ becomes a helping verb.
In the third sentence, ‘Playing’ is the main verb. ‘Are’ is the helping verb here.
In the fourth sentence, ‘have’ is the main verb.
In the fifth sentence ‘preparing’ is main verb and ‘has been’ is the helping verb.
Remember the following:
The same verb can function both as the main verb and helping verb depending upon its use in the sentence.
This is specially true in case of be verbs and have verbs.
List of ‘be’ verbs
Is, am, are, was, were, be and been.
List of ‘have’ verbs
Has, have, had, has been, have been and had been.
Exercises for practice … 1
Underline verbs in the following sentences:
1. Shivaji was a great warrior.
2. She married a man of her choice.
3. Many flowers are blooming in my garden.
4. My dog is old now.

1. She is a good singer. (main)
2. You are behaving in a strange manner. (helping)
3. Do you have a pen? (main)
4. I have forgotten your name. (helping)
5. I am very fond of my kid sister. (main)
6. I am leaving for Delhi tonight. (helping)
7. Rajputs were brave fighters. (main)
8. Many battles were fought by the Mughals. (helping)

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