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Videos > Education > LATITUDES CBSE Class VI Social Science – Geography

LATITUDES CBSE Class VI Social Science – Geography

LATITUDES CBSE Class VI Social Science – GEOGRAPHY by Soma Mukhopadhyay for SuccessCDs Education Check out other Social Science Lessons here https://goo.gl/RP9NA

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About this Video:


Latitudes are imaginary lines that circle the globe. They are also called PARALLES.
They never come together anywhere on the globe and are always equidistant with each other.


The First Parallel is the Equator. It is the Zero Degree Latitude. Latitudes measure the distance NORTH AND SOUTH from the Equator.
Thus, Equator is the imaginary line that divides the Earth into two Equal Halves…. THE NORTHERN HEMISHPHERE & THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.

A Latitude is an angle measured from the centre of the Earth and is usually measured in degrees.

The latitude of a location on the Earth is the Angular distance of that location South or North of the Equator.

Curves Of Constant Latitude On The Earth (Running East-West) Are Reffered To As Lines Of Latitude.

Each Line Of Latitude Is Actually An Imaginary Circle On The Earth Parallel To The Equator.

Effect Of Latitudes

The Latitude Of A Region Has A Great Effect On Its Climate And Weather.

The Important Parallels That We Just Learnt About Divides The Earth Into Various Heat Zones.

The Different Heat Zones Have Different Type Of Climates.

This Zone Lies Between The Tropic Of Cancer And Tropic Of Capricorn. The Word Torrid Means Hot.
This Hottest Zone Of The Earth Receives Direct Sunlight
Throughout The Year.
This Zone Is Also Known As The Tropical Zone.

This Zone Receives Abundant Rainfall And Has Abundant Green Plants And Trees And Varied Animal Life.

Between The Tropic Of Cancer And Arctic Circle In The North … And The Tropic Of Capricorn And Antarctic Circle In The South Are Two Zones Of Moderate Temperature Called Temperate Zone. Temperate Means Moderate.

The Sun Never Shines On These Areas Vertically.

The Area That Lies To The North Of The Arctic Circle And To The South Of The Antarctic Circle Is Called The Frigid Zone.

The Sun Never Rises Much Above The Horizon Here And These Areas Are Thus Frozen For Most Of The Year And Are The Coldest Region Of The World.

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