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Idioms Lesson 2 – To pull up ones Socks

Idioms Lesson 2 – To pull up ones Socks . Meaning and examples of Idioms and Phrases in English Language by Rachna Chandla


MEANING – To make an effort to improve

If you aren’t satisfied with someone and want them to do better, you can tell them to pull up their socks.

Example 1

He’ll have to pull up his socks in math – if he wants to pass

Example 2

He’ll lose his job unless he pulls his socks up and starts doing a lot better.

Example 3

The coach said I have to pull my socks up or I’ll lose my spot on the team.

Example 4

His teacher told Jason to pull his socks up because his grades weren’t good enough.

Example 5
The government pulls up its socks in order to provide better services

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