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A Happy Child – CBSE Poem Class 1

A Happy Child – CBSE Poem Class 1


My House is Red, A little House
A happy Child am I
I laugh and play all day long
I hardly ever cry


I have a tree, a green green tree
To shade me from the Sun
And Under it, I often sit
When all my play is done

In this poem, a happy child is talking about how laughing and playing makes her happy. She talks about her red house and the green tree under which she sits after her playtime. All this makes her a happy child.

In the first stanza, the child says that she has a little house which is red in colour.  And that she is a happy child. She plays and laughs the whole day and never cries.

In the second stanza, the child talks about a tree that she has in her garden which is very green and gives Her shade from the sun. The child then says that she often sits under the shade of the tree once she is done playing.

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