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Group Discussion Tips you should not Miss

Group Discussion Tips you should not miss!

Purpose of Group Discussion

It is conducted to assess the Managerial Attributes of the Candidates on parameters like:

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Rational Thought Process
  • Analytical and rational thinking
  • Group Behavior

The idea is to observe how a person speaks, what he speaks, his level of confidence, his ability to listen and convince others, and his behavior towards colleagues.

Process of Group Discussion

  • In a typical GD, there are usually 7-12 people who discuss a topic for about 15-25 minutes.
  • There are no specific instructions on how the topic should be discussed, who should speak first or how the group should behave.

Topics for Group Discussions

The GD topics are pretty general and broad-based and concern something that any student can (should be able to) discuss; these require no special knowledge, only an overall understanding of the issues involved.

Structure of Group Discussions

A Debatable Topic or Problem is presented either in writing on a blackboard or is stated verbally by the person in charge, representing the organization.

This person is called the Moderator or Coordinator or Facilitator.

Skills Required for GD

1. Communication Abilities:

1.     The ability to communicate effectively your viewpoint is a key ingredient to being successful.

2.     The emphasis is on effectiveness – how well the others have understood your point.

2. Team Skills:

They are all about managing people – either one-to-one or increasingly, in a team setting.

3. Analytical Skills:

1.     How quickly, clearly and dispassionately you can analyze a given situation.

Remember, decisiveness is an extremely valuable trait even in personal life, more so in professional life. Just avoid indecision.

4. Awareness/General Knowledge:

1.     A thorough knowledge of your political, social, economic, business and other environment is required.

2.     A would-be manager needs this knowledge to a greater degree.

Tips for Effective Participation in a GD

  • Keep your knowledge of current affairs-especially ‘hot’ topics up to date.
  • If it is a fresher’s interview for an industry or bank etc. then one should gather knowledge about their mission, systems and challenges etc.
  • It may be useful to hold mock group discussions with friends or classmates.
  • Preparedness and self-confidence are the keys to success in a group discussion.
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough for everyone to hear what you are saying.

GD Dos & Don’ts


  • Be clear about your thoughts.
  • Believe firmly on what to say.
  • Be concise on your delivery of thought.
  • Play different roles according to the situation.
  • State statistics to support your view point.
  • Read editorials of Leading Newspapers and Magazines.
  • Watch discussions on BBC, Star Plus and other channels.
  • Try to summarize every discussion.


  • Be too humorous.
  • Speak for Long.
  • Try to raise irrelevant issues.
  • Use too many examples to support your views.
  • Bluff statistics.
  • “Little knowledge is dangerous”.
  • Elaborate on just one area of any issue.
  • Accept others’ views without though.


Hence, Group Discussions test your presence of mind, the depth of your knowledge, your communication skills and your ability to argue logically.

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