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A Dog Named Duke – CBSE English Class 9

A Dog Named Duke – CBSE English Class 9 by William D. Ellis

About Duke, The Dog

Duke is a Doberman Pinscher, a big dog. Chuck’s tiny wife Marcy would have preferred  a Pomeranian or a Poodle around her house, rather a big dog.


Duke was initially a very frisky dog, but turned out to be an extremely intelligent, understanding, gentle, yet strong dog — who stood night and day by Chuck when he became disabled and paralyzed; Duke- the dog, by his persevering and persistent efforts, in fact pulled Chuck out of depression.

With tenacity and steadily progressive goals, the ‘almost human’ dog brought Chuck into near-total recovery.This motivated Chuck to resume his job at his company with vigor, tenacity, and hard work again.

Duke – the dog, had uncanny intelligence, and could communicate with Chuck in a remarkable way.  Unfortunately, one day he got hit by an automobile. But Duke the dog had left his legacy with Chuck.  By dint of hard work, perseverance, and goals set step by step,  Chuck got promoted as a National Sales Manager.

About William D. Ellis, the Author

William D. Ellis is an American who began writing right From the age of twelve. His novels appeared on best-seller lists,and eventually earned him a Pulitzer Prize nomination.The recurrent theme of his novels is the triumph of survival, against seemingly incredible odds.

The ‘Pomeranians –  that Marcy would have preferred.

The gentle Dobermans – that  can pull someone from paralysis to normalcy.

Now that you have an idea of what a Pomeranian is—
(a toy dog) and what a Doberman is –big & strong yet gentle, intelligent, tenacious and persistent, let us delve deeper into the story of how Duke-the Dog pulled his master from physical paralysis, emotional despondency, and hopelessness into remarkable recovery of joyful health, energetic vitality, and a motivating, goal-setting, National Sales Manager of the company.

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