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Cubes and Cube Properties – Learn Maths

Cubes and Cube Properties – Learn Maths with SuccessCDs Education and Ankit Mahajan Learn Maths lesson Cubes and Properties of Cubes in Simple Words.
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About this Video :

Cubes and properties of cubes

When we multiply a no 3times by itself we say that the no has been cubed and product is called cube of tht no or no raised to power 3.
Eg cube of 2 is
2 ×2×2= 8

Perfect cubes are those nos. Which are cubes of natural nos.
Eg 27 is perfect cube of 3
64 is perfect cube of 4

Properties of cubes
1) cubes of all od nos are odd
5×5×5= 125

Cubes of all even natural nos are even
Eg 6×6×6= 216

Cubes of negative integers are negative
-3 × -3 × -3 = – 27
-6× -6 × -6 = -216

The product of the cubes of 2 nos. Is equal to the cube of their products

Eg ( 2×2×2) × ( 3×3×3) = (2×3) raise to the power 3

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