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Collective Noun & Abstract Noun – English Grammar Lessons

Collective Noun & Abstract Noun – English Grammar Lessons by Ranjna Vedhera.

Collective Noun

It is the name for a group or collection of people, animals or things which are spoken of as a whole.


Crowd, mob, army, Fleet, Herd, Jury, Family and Parliament

Crowd or Mob: Collection of people.
(A crowd gathered at the place of accident)

An Army: Collection of soldiers / fighters .
(Our Army fought bravely against the enemy)

A herd: Collection of animals.
(A herd of cows are grazing in the field)

A fleet: The police, the jury.
(The jury found the prisoner guilty)

Exercise for Practice

Wise people do not follow a mob.
The police are trying to maintain law and order in the city.
Our family is going for a picnic.
A pack of wolves was seen in the forest.

Abstract Noun

1. Roses spread beautiful fragrance.
2. Boys are making a noise.
3. A child’s suffering upsets parents very much.
4. I noticed a movement in the bushes.

More Examples:

Quality / Feelings:
Kindness, Cruelty, Honesty, Wisdom, Bravery, Laughter, Theft, Movement and Judgment.

Comfort, Luxury, Slavery, Sickness and Death

The name of subjects, arts and sciences are also abstract nouns.

Examples: – English, French, Chemistry and Physics etc.

Some abstract nouns are formed from:


Examples: –
Good Goodness
Brave Bravely
Honest Honesty


Examples: –
Laugh Laughter
Obey Obedience
Defend Defence

From common nouns:

Child Childhood
Slave Slavery
King Kingdom

Exercises For Practice

Recognize and underline nouns in the sentences given below, also mention whether they are common, proper collective or abstract nouns.

1. He is a man of great wisdom.
2. Beauty lies in the eyes of the on looker.
3. Courage is a very rare virtue.
4. Honesty is the best Policy.
5. Everybody wants to live in comfort.

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