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CBSE Class XII Chemistry Exam Pattern

Check out for CBSE Class XII Chemistry Exam Pattern, Question Paper Scheme, Chapter wise questions distribution and Marking scheme.


This video includes CBSE Class XII Chemistry Question Paper Scheme, Chapter wise questions distribution and Marking scheme:-

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The weightage of the distribution of marks over different dimensions of the Chemistry question paper shall be as follows:

  1. Weightage to content/subject units
Unit Title            Marks
1. Solid state 4
2. Solutions 5
3. Electrochemistry 5
4. Chemical Kinetics 5
5. Surface Chemistry 4
6. General principles and process of Isolation of elements 3
7. p-Block Elements 8
8. d-and f-Block Elements 5
9. Coordination Compounds 3
10. Halo alkanes and Halo arenes 4
11. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 4
12. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids 6
13. Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 4
14. Biomolecules 4
15. Polymers 3
16. Chemistry in Everyday life 3
Total 70
  1. Weightage to form of questions
S.No. Form of Questions Marks for each No. of Total Marks
question questions
1. Long Answer Type (LA) 5 3 15
2. Short Answer (SAI) 3 9 27
3. Short Answer (SAII) 2 10 20
4. Very Short Answer (VSA) 1 08 08
Total 30 70


  1. Scheme of Options
  2. There will be no overall option.
  3. Internal choices (either/or type) in five questions has been given in questions testing higher mental abilities in the following types of questions:-

(i)One in two marks questions.

(ii)One in three marks questions.

(iii) All the three in five marks questions.

  1. Guidelines for Units 10-13 of syllabus.
These units include questions on:
Nomenclature : 2 marks
Reasoning : 6 marks
Distinguishing between compounds : 2 marks
Name reactions : 2 marks
Reaction Mechanism : 2 marks
           Word problems (conversions) covering
Properties and reactions of functional groups : 5 marks
  1. Numericals:

Weightage of 8 -10 marks in total has been assigned to numericals.

  1. Weightage to difficulty level of questions
S.No. Estimated difficulty level Percentage
1. Easy 15
2. Average 70
3. Difficult 15

A weightage of 20% has been assigned to questions which test higher order thinking skills of students.

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