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The Brook – CBSE English Poem Class 9th

The Brook – CBSE English Poem Class 9th written by Alfred Lord TENNYSON

About Alfred Lord TENNYSON

Alfred Lord Tennyson, First Baron, FRS, was Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland. He is known as a Victorian poet, since he lived during much of Queen Victoria’s reign. He remains one of Britain’s most popular poets.


Born: 1809
Died : 1892

The poem vividly describes the path of a stream — from the place of its origin to where it ultimately joins the river.

It has been written in the form of an autobiography, where the brook relates its experiences as it flows to join the river.

Such a device where an inanimate object is  ‘brought alive’ is called Personification.

Haunts – places frequently visited; coot – a type of water-bird

Hern – heron, a big eagle

Sally – to appear suddenly; bicker – when water flows down noisily Have you heard ‘bickering’ amongst people?

People argue (blah blah blah!) noisily !

Thorpe – a village.  Treble – a high-pitched tone
Eddy – spiral movement in water
Babble – the sound of someone talking gaily

I slip, I slide, I gloom, I glance…
This is  poetic device is called ‘Alliteration’. Can you think of some more ?

I chatter over stony ways, In little sharps and trebles, I bubble into eddying bays, I babble on the pebbles…

Fallow – piece of land left uncultivated,
to make it fertile again.
Which bank of this brook is fallow?

Foreland – piece of land that extends into the sea.

Shingly bars – small, rounded pebbles

Hazel – a small tree with nuts that are edible  (Hazelnuts )

Forget-me-nots – a flower cherished by lovers to declare their eternal love for each other.

The naughty brook moves the forget-me-nots, to some place downstream, thus causing doubt and misunderstanding between lovers!

Lusty trout – a big, feisty freshwater fish Grayling – a small, silvery freshwater fish which abounds in the sparkling waters upstream .

Nature is eternal….

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