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Skill Sets required for guaranteed college admission abroad

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Thinking of going abroad for pursuing your higher education? Not sure how to apply? What are the prerequisites when applying to colleges of the foreign land?

Don’t fret! It’s not difficult applying to colleges abroad. You just need to some of the key requirements and things that colleges look forward to seeing on the application form of there would be students. Although the requirements and application procedure hugely vary from course to course but there are some things that remain universal and apply to mostly all colleges. There are stints you can pull to stand out amongst the others who are applying to the same course. It definitely is not hard but does require for you to be a little diligent.

Remember that while books, marks and your academic roll hold grave importance when applying to colleges abroad but these are not the only things that are important are off importance in the eye of the admission committees of the colleges. Let us discuss some of the key desideratum that colleges will look for in applicants apart from their academic record, strong grades and their strong scores of the standardized scores.

Involvement in activities:

There should a good amount of involvement in the co-curricular activities that the student should be a part off. It is the quality of involvement that matters rather than just quantity.

Volunteering for community service:

Helping and assisting for the greater cause is something that holds high importance for colleges abroad. Try and stand up for a cause you believe in and can work passionately for. Volunteering shows your concern for the world and makes you a ‘contributor’.

Work/ Summer Jobs:

Your meaningful use of your free time and putting it to use for work of a job, is something that will reflect that you are responsible, devoted to a better future and accountable.

SOP/ Essay:

The essay you submit on your college application acts as an insight to you and your ability. Regardless to say that the essay needs to be well written and should reflect well constructed writing. At the same time, keep in mind that there will be other applying to the same college and so try and make your essay as personal and unique as possible.


You can get personal recommendation letters from your teachers, mentors, guidance councilors and employer (if you’ve worked). The recommendations are all about your strengths, special skills, sincerity, and the ability to perform in the academic front.

Awards/ Attributes:

What you have achieved so far hold great valor in the eyes of the admission committee. Anything that make you stand out, any special skills, awards, honors all hold of enormous magnitude. It not only makes your and application stand out but also gives a strong view of you.

Hopefully the article gives you a great imminent look out to what the colleges admission boards look for in students and in turn how you can achieve most of it. Although the academics cannot be substituted but there are other things to an admission abroad than only the latter.

Aspire of applying to colleges abroad. There is great financial assistance available from universities, colleges and private organizations.

Best of luck!