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SAT Exam - All about Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Have you been thinking of applying to colleges abroad?  Complete info on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for International Students. Articles here include info on what is SAT exam, SAT exam schedule, Eligibility and Exam Dates for SAT, Registration schedule for SAT and SAT Preparation Tips

Well, if any such questions have till so far crossed your mind then this is the page for you. SAT is a standardized test which is administered by on behalf of the College Board by the Educational Testing Service in the US. SAT is recognized globally by institutions for admission to colleges. 

You can go through the topics of your choice, and even drop in a question in the comment box in case of any inquiries and we shall do our best to bring in the best answers for you. The page is also inclusive of some recent news on SAT. Read Away….


What is the Eligibility for SAT Exam?

So now you know why you would want to undertake the SAT examination but aren’t sure whether you’ll be eligible for the examination? No worries, we have that covered. Check out our link for SAT eligibility.

SAT Exam Dates (International Centers) | SAT registration schedule 2014

Now that you know almost all you require for applying of the SAT, let’s have a look at the SAT test schedule and their application dates. The test is conducted six times a year for international centers.

SAT is all set to undergo major changes

SAT Exam is one of the most prominent tests meant for assessing the readiness of willing candidates for higher education, is going to get a makeover soon.SAT is all set to undergo major changes. Read More…

Mixed reactions among foreign students to changes made to SAT exam

The mandatory essay and the infrequently used vocabulary words have been dropped because of which students have been reacting differently to the changes made. Check out some other changes and reactions of students

Are SAT/ ACT (standardized tests) worth the trouble ?

A recent study by NPR has raised question if standardized tests like ACT/ SAT have become archaic now. Find out more on what the study has to say on the requirement of such test, by visiting us.

ACT and SAT scores can help students avoid education debts

A serious approach to both the tests can help a student to enter his/her favorite school, avoid remedial courses and land scholarships to reduce or avoid debts after education. Check out the link to know more.

SAT to undergo changes by 2016

SAT college entrance test will be revamped and this will be the first change since 2005. The test will go through changes by the year 2016. Check out more details on the expected changes.

Reasons for decline in Indian students to study in US

Educational Exchange Data released by the Indian Institute of International Education says that the last three years have seen a continuous decline of Indian students pursuing their studies in the US. See more…

SAT dropping essay requirements

The SAT college admission test is to an overhaul. The test has undergone changes only twice in this century and is aiming to make higher education more accessible to students who are currently unable to take the test. Read more….