NCERT Class 10 English Chapter 6 MCQs – The Making of a scientist


The Making of a Scientist MCQ Questions with Answers


CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 6 “The Making of Scientist” Multiple Choice Questions with Answers from Footprints without Feet Book



The Making of Scientist MCQs – Here is a compilation of Class 10 English MCQs of Chapter 6 The Making of a Scientist by Robert W Peterson have been compiled for students to practice. Students of Class 10 can prepare the MCQs of Chapter 6- The Making of a Scientist from the NCERT Footprints without Feet book. Each question has four options followed by the correct answer. Students can also take a free test of the MCQs of The Making of a Scientist. These MCQ Questions have been selected based on the latest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.


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Q1- Who is the writer of the story “The Making of a Scientist”?

A) HG Wells
B) Robert W. Peterson
C) Ruskin Bond
D) Guy De Maupassant


Q2- “It was his fascination for _____ that opened the world of science to him.”

A) cats
B) dogs
C) birds
D) butterflies


Q3- At what age did he invent the theory on how cells work?

A) twenty
B) twenty one
C) twenty two
D) twenty four


Q4- What was he fond of in his childhood?

A) basketball
B) collecting things
C) baseball
D) none of the above


Q5- How did his mother help him?

A) took him on trips
B) bought him telescopes and microscopes
C) encouraged him to learn
D) all of the above


Q6- How many species of butterflies had he collected till second grade?

A) 20
B) 21
C) 24
D) 25


Q7- When did he get a hint of real science?

A) in the 7th grade
B) when he entered a county science fair
C) when he lost
D) all of the above


Q8- When did he find the cause of a viral disease common among caterpillars?

A) in the 7th grade
B) in the 8th grade
C) in college
D) none of the above


Q9- “_____is the blueprint for life”

A) cells
C) both of these
D) none of the above


Q10- What did he collect during his childhood?

A) coins
B) rocks
C) butterflies
D) all of the above


Q11- Where did he come from?

A) Reading
B) Oxford
C) London
D) none of the above


Q12- He tried to grow _____ in the presence of betties

A) butterflies
B) catterpillar
C) rats
D) snakes


Q13- What did he realise was necessary for winning a prize at the fair?

A) display
B) experiment
C) all of the above
D) none of the above


Q14- Which butterlies were not eaten by birds?

A) viceroy
B) monarch
C) all of the above
D) none of the above


Q15- Where did he graduate from?

A) Oxford
B) Yale
C) Harvard
D) none of the above


Q16- Who did he write to get an idea for a real science experiment?

A) his mother
B) his friend
C) Dr Frederick A. Urquhart
D) none of the above


Q17- Which book did his mother give him?

A) Travels of Monarch X
B) Travels of Viceroy X
C) Travels of Viceroy Y
D) Travels of Monarch X


Q18- He was an excellent _____

A) debator
B) scientist
C) photographer
D) all of the above


Q19- ____ is the blueprint of life

A) Oxygen
C) Cell
D) all of the above


Q20- What groundbreaking research did Ebright do?

A) working of body
B) working of DNA
C) Working of heart
D) none of the above


Q21- Where did Richard grew up?

A) Pennsylvania
B) Chicago
C) New York
D) London


Q22- In which class was Ebright when he lost at the county science fair?

A) 5
B) 8
C) 7
D) 4


Q23- Which butterfiles copied monarchs to prevent being eaten by birds?

A) vice president
B) viceroy
C) viceprincipal
D) vices


Q24- How many gold spots were there on a Monarch pupa?

A) 10
B) 15
C) 11
D) 12


Q25- What was the purpose of the gold spots on the monarch pupa?

A) ornamental
B) secreted hormones
C) they were the breathing points
D) none of these


Q26- Name Ebright’s social science teacher.

A) Mr Weiherer
B) Dr Urquhart
C) James R Wong
D) Taplow


Q27- Where did Ebright study?

A) Oxford
B) Cambridge
C) Harvard
D) Stanford


Q28- What did Richard’s dad do?

A) scientist
B) doctor
C) he was dead
D) teacher


Q29- What qualities did Richard possess?

A) inquisitive
B) intelligent
C) will to win
D) all of them


Q30- Name Richard’s college room mate



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1 B 11 A 21 A
2 D 12 B 22 C
3 C 13 B 23 B
4 B 14 B 24 D
5 D 15 C 25 B
6 D 16 C 26 A
7 D 17 A 27 C
8 B 18 D 28 C
9 B 19 B 29 D
10 D 20 B 30 A



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