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Chemical Full Form

Full Form of ORS, What is the Full form of ORS ?

The Full form of ORS is Oral Rehydration Solution. ORS is a glucose-based salt solution used to prevent and treat dehydration, especially in case of people who have diarrhea. It is a common illness in travellers. Unlike other fluids, the… Continue Reading →

Full Form of RDX, What is the Full form of RDX?

The Full form of RDX is Research Department Explosive or Royal Demolition Explosive. RDX is an explosive compound which is chemically classified as Nitramide and belongs to nitramines (a group of organic nitrate explosives). It is also called hexogen, cyclonite,… Continue Reading →

Full Form of EDTA, What is the Full form of EDTA?

The Full form of EDTA is Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid. EDTA is a colourless crystalline slightly soluble organic compound used in biochemistry and inorganic chemistry. It is a powerful chelating (KEE-late-ing) agent capable of removing a heavy metal, such as… Continue Reading →