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RBL Full Form, What is the Full form of RBL?

The full form of RBL is Ratnakar Bank Limited. It was established in 1943 and has 324 branches in numerous cities across the country. Its headquarters are in Kolhapur. This bank is India’s one of the oldest private banks. The… Continue Reading →

RAM Full Form, What is the Full form of RAM?

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. It is a type of volatile memory where the data gets lost in case you switch off the computer. Data can be easily erased or changed from a RAM. The data… Continue Reading →

RADAR Full Form, What is the Full form of RADAR?

The full form of RADAR is ‘Radio Detection And Ranging.’ The term RADAR was first coined by the United States Navy. It is an electronic device which is used to detect objects. It uses ultra high frequency or the radio… Continue Reading →

PSU Full Form, What is the Full form of PSU?

The full form of PSU is the ‘Public Sector Undertaking.’ PSUs are the corporations owned by the Indian government. It was created with the aim of undertaking the commercial projects under the banner of the Government  of India. Such companies… Continue Reading →

POLICE Full Form, What is the Full form of POLICE?

The full form of POLICE is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies. They are uniformed individuals who are responsible for keeping law and order intact. They are a group of personnel who are there to enforce laws, to… Continue Reading →

PNG Full Form, What is the Full form of PNG?

The full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics. The bit-mapped or raster images are stored in the form of PNG extension on the computer. The extension of PNG is ‘.png.’ Sometimes, it is also referred as the images which… Continue Reading →

PAN Full Form, What is the Full form of PAN?

The full form of PAN is Permanent Account Number. It is a combination of ten-digit alphanumeric characters. The Income Tax Department issues it. The alphanumeric characters of PAN card is issued in this format – AAAPL1234C. In the format first… Continue Reading →

NSS Full Form, What is the Full form of NSS?

The full form of NSS is National Service Scheme. The Government of India is responsible for sponsoring NSS. It is a public service that was established in 1969 and is identified by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It… Continue Reading →

MS Full Form, What is the Full form of MS?

The full form of MS is Microsoft. It is an American MNC with branches in many countries across the globe, including India. It was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975. Currently, Satya Nadella is its CEO. Microsoft… Continue Reading →

MP Full Form, What is the Full form of MP?

The full form of MP is Madhya Pradesh. It is a state that lies in the Centremost part of India and is nicknamed ‘Heart of India.’ Bhopal is its capital. Currently, Kamal Nath and Lalji Tandon are the Chief Minister… Continue Reading →