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B.Ed. Entrance Test

CTET 2018 Syllabus for Class VI-VIII Teacher

Syllabus of CTET 2015 for Class VI ā€“ VIII Teacher Child Development (Elementary School Child), Science Materials, The World of the Living, Moving Things-People and Ideas, Natural Phenomena, Mathematics Number system, Algebra, Concept of Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with Special Needs

Syllabus of CTET 2018 for Class I-V Teacher

Check out on CTET 2018 Syllabus for Class Iā€“ V. Also find here for details syllabus of CTET 2018 for Paper I (for classes I to V) Primary Stage

M.Ed Entrance Exam Syllabus for Indian Universities

Masters in Education or commonly known by its acronym, M. Ed. Educational Thinkers and their contribution in developing Principles of Education, Nature & Meaning of Psychology, Psychology and Educational Psychology and many more constitute for the syllabus of the entrance exam syllabus for M. Ed.

RIE CEE 2018 Syllabus for B.Ed, Integrated B.Ed M.Ed admissions

NCERT CEE 2018 Syllabus for CEE-2018 for B.Ed, Integrated B.Ed M.Ed. The questions asked in CEE 2018 exam will be based on the topics from the given syllabus subjects mentioned below.