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Revised syllabus and scheme for UPSC Mains Geology released

  The Union Public Service Commission in consultation with the Government (Ministry of Mines, the Nodal Ministry) has decided to revise the Scheme, Pattern and Syllabi of the Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination. The nomenclature of this Examination has been… Continue Reading →

CTET 2018 Syllabus for Class VI-VIII Teacher

Syllabus of CTET 2015 for Class VI – VIII Teacher Child Development (Elementary School Child), Science Materials, The World of the Living, Moving Things-People and Ideas, Natural Phenomena, Mathematics Number system, Algebra, Concept of Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with Special Needs

Syllabus of CTET 2018 for Class I-V Teacher

Check out on CTET 2018 Syllabus for Class I– V. Also find here for details syllabus of CTET 2018 for Paper I (for classes I to V) Primary Stage

RBI Officers Recruitment Examination – Exam Syllabus

RBI Officers Exam Syllabus for the recruitment of officers in Grade B (General 2015) has been announced. Check out for more info, Online Exam (Phase I and Phase II) and detailed syllabus.

UPSC CDS Exam Syllabus 2018 | Syllabus of CDS Entrance Exam 2018

UPSC CDS Exam Syllabus 2018. Check out for more information on Syllabus of CDS Entrance Exam 2018, Standard of examination subjects, and a few topics that are covered in UPSC CDS Exam.

NEST Physics Syllabus | NEST Syllabus 2018

NEST Physics Syllabus.Units and dimensions, dimensional analysis.Kinematics in one and two dimensions (Cartesian coordinates only), projectiles; Uniform Circular motion.Thermal expansion of solids,Coulomb’s law; Electric field and potential; Rectilinear propagation of light,Bohr’s theory of hydrogen like atoms

Bharathidasan University BCA Distance Learning Syllabus and Exam Scheme

Bharathidasan University Tiruchirappalli Bachelor Of Computer Applications (B.C.A) Exam Scheme and Syllabus . Check out the syllabi and test scheme of Bharathidasan University BCA Distance Learning courses.

West Bengal JEE Syllabus for Physics | WBJEE Syllabus

West Bengal JEE Syllabus for Physics.Mechanics & General properties of matter,Gravitation,Hydrostatics and fluid mechanics,Surface energy and surface tension, capillary rise.Thermal Physics,Electrostatics

KLE UGAIET Syllabus 2018 | KLE Exam Syllabus 2018

KLE UGAIET Syllabus.Physics,chemistry and Biology

UGC NET BUREAU Economics Syllabus and Sample Question

UGC NET BUREAU Economics Syllabus and Sample Question. Check out syllabus and scheme of examination for UGC NET Bureau economic courses

National Entrance Screening Test Syllabus | NEST Syllabus 2018

Syllabus for NEST 2010 ( National Entrance Screening Test).General Section ,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics

KLE UGAIET Biology Syllabus | KLE Syllabus 2018

KLE UGAIET Biology Syllabus.Nature and Scope of Biology. Methods of Biology. Our Place in the universe. Laws that governs the Universe and life. Level of organization,The enormous variety of living things,Species: Origin and concepts of species population,Animal tissues, epithelial, connective, musculear, nerve,Extrnuclear genes,Living and non-living, chemical evolution,Role of Biology in the amelioration of human problems.

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2018 Tier I, II & III

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2018 Tier I, II & III. The three different Tiers have their respect format of Exam and syllabus, Read further SSC Combined higher Secondary Level Exam Pattern & Syllabus 2018

West Bengal JEE Syllabus for Mathematics | WBJEE Syllabus

West Bengal JEE Syllabus for Mathematics. A.P., G.P., H.P. A.P., G.P., H.P. Complex Numbers. Permutation and combination , Infinite series , Straight line , Circle

KLE UGAIET Chemistry Syllabus | KLE Syllabus 2018

KLE UGAIET Chemistry Syllabus.Atoms Molecules and Chemical Arithmetic,Elements, their Occurrence and extraction,States of Matter,Atomic Structures,Chemical Families-Period Properties,Bonding and Molecular Structure,Carbons and its compounds,Energetics,Chemical Equilibrium,Redox reactions,Rates of Chemical Reactions,Chemistry of Heavier Metals,Preparation and Properties of Hydrocarbons,Purification and Characterization of Organic Compounds,Chemical Kinetics.