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Engineering in New Zealand


New Zealand, apart from being an exotic place for vacations and travelling is also one of the leading academic nations of the world. From world class universities to high quality of life and vibrant cities – this country seems to have it all. Every year, thousands of students from all over the world come to this nation for higher education and to become a part of its rich academic culture. The engineering courses offered by the top universities in New Zealand prepare students to use their skills in designing solutions to different problems and to make their contribution in the field of technology. The engineering programs in New Zealand are very advanced and they incorporate the latest findings and perspectives related to the discipline.  Listed below is the information you will need in choosing your courses and to apply for admissions.

Reasons for studying engineering in New Zealand

The engineering universities in New Zealand are a place for opportunities for international students to develop English language skills and to access a range of extracurricular activities. Quality oriented programs are offered by several government and non governmental institutions to maintain a high standard of education in the various universities and polytechnic institutes of the country.  Some reputed universities also provide a number of scholarships to international students. Newland has indeed become the hub for students following diverse cultures from different parts of the world, thus establishing an exquisite student centric environment.  One of the main advantages of studying in this country is that students can switch between institutions through credit transfer.

Different engineering courses offered by the Universities

The universities in New Zealand offer a range of engineering specialities like electrical and electronics, computer and mobile systems, network and communications, software, sound engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc. Students can also opt for ocean engineering, marine and offshore engineering, forest engineering and there are even engineering courses in natural resources. Higher studies in technology include courses like human interface technology, engineering in transportation, fire engineering and a range of other interesting and specialized programs. 

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The universities in New Zealand equip students with the necessary skills and technical knowledge that are required to excel in today’s competitive job market and qualifications that are necessary to further their education in other countries. University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellinton and Massey University are the world class universities in New Zealand providing engineering courses. Some other institutes that provide engineering and polytechnic programs include Eastern institute of technology, Manukau Institute of Technology, Wellington Institute of Technology, Christchurch Polytechnic institute of Technology, Southern Institue of Technology etc.

Admission criteria and how to apply for the courses

There are different levels of admission process for different universities. However, one should have a good command over the English language to excel in eligibility tests such as TOEFL and IELTS that are conducted by the universities. The academic session starts in the month of February and ends in November with two semesters in between. The documents that are required by the overseas students to qualify for the process include certificates and mark sheets of class X and XII standards and graduation certificate. Birth certificate, passport, legal statement of purpose and two reference letters from colleges and employers are also a must.

Expenses and the Opportunities for Placements   

As compared to US, UK, Australia, Canada or Japan, the cost of obtaining an engineering degree in New Zealand is relatively less. Moreover, some reputed institutions also provide excellent placement opportunities for overseas students after their graduation. Different activities are organized to ensure that the students are exposed to different renowned companies seeking to employ them in their industry. Through career fairs, students get a chance to meet employers whose companies are specialising in their area of interest. The fairs mainly commence in May and continue throughout the month of July. With the help of evening presentations conducted by the reputed companies, students get the opportunity to learn about various companies and their activities. Students intending to apply for a work visa can also take up jobs after graduation.  A world of opportunities lies ahead for engineering graduates after completing their education in New Zealand. New Zealand offers students an excellent opportunity to gain higher education in a safe and welcoming environment. People from different countries come every year to this southwestern pacific island country to enjoy its flora and fauna. The weather in New Zealand is very pleasing which creates excellent opportunities for adventure sports and other outdoor activities. With a small population and a nuclear free zone, New Zealand emphasizes high quality living conditions for students from overseas countries in building their dreams.


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