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Engineering College Admission Procedure in Australia

Australia, along with the US and the UK nowadays ranks as one of the top countries for engineering aspirants from all over the world looking to study abroad. Australia, also usually referred to as “The Land down under“, with high standards of living for relatively cheaper prices; along with world class infrastructure and Engineering institutes that are recognized globally as some of the best in the world makes an ideal choice for anyone aspiring to become an engineer. Moreover, Australian degrees have also been recognized worldwide for their high emphasis on research. Add to this the multicultural nature of the general Australian society and populace, and the fact that English is the primary language for communication, and it is no wonder that yearly, scores of engineering aspirants flock to Australia.

However, as in any foreign or overseas University, gaining admission to an Engineering College in Australia can be a lengthy and complicated process. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know to secure a seat in the Engineering institute of your choice.

Pre Admission preparation:

The usual time for the commencement of the University courses in Australia is usually around March. So keeping a rough timeframe in mind, it is best if one starts with his preliminary research a good 10-12 months ago. Try a do a thorough research and analysis of which Engineering colleges and courses suit your needs best. Also there a number of online education forums which can help you form a better understanding of the rankings and details of the courses offered by the different institutes. One can also contact the university or institute directly for any further queries.

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Also, as an international student, it is recommended that you submit your application form in the prescribed method (usually online) a good 3-4 months before the last date of application.


For undergraduate Engineering courses, the applicant must have at least 12 years of primary and secondary education and possess an Australia Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or its equivalent, such as the Indian 12th CBSE pass certificate. 60 per cent or more is usually expected.

For postgraduate Engineering courses, a bachelor’s degree of a minimum of 3 years in duration either in Australia or a recognized overseas institute is required. Some courses may also require a bachelor’s degree of 4 years. Also, some Institutes may also require some relevant work experience.

Students from non native speaking countries such as those from India are required to take an English proficiency test, usually the IELTS. The scorecard of the test must be within a period of 24 months on the date that the application for admission was submitted. Usually a score of 6 or more is a prerequisite for most Engineering colleges. However, some colleges may waive the need for an IELTS score if the candidate can obtain a letter from the educational institute that he studied in, attesting that the applicant has studied English medium throughout his schooling, and that the particular school was satisfied with the general proficiency of the student in English.

Also, students applying to undergraduate courses must have taken Mathematics as a subject in all four years of High School. Also, it is generally assumed that the applicants would also have studied Physics and Chemistry up to the 12th grade.

The duration of engineering courses in Australia is usually 3 years. Admissions are usually conducted for two sessions, one in the month of February and the other in July; although this might vary from college to college.

Also along with other required basic documentation such as a valid visa and passport, students are also required to submit a personal essay or a statement of purpose, detailing why the student choose the particular college, and also career goals, any extracurricular activities and/or interests. Also details regarding as to how the student will cover the related expenses are also required.

In addition, two letters of personal recommendation, either from the previous school or in the case of someone with work experience, from the last organization that he was involved in are usually required.

Course fees

Most colleges usually charge an annual tuition between A$ 10,000 to A$ 15,000. A range of scholarship options are available for students. However, interested candidates may note that as an international student, you will have to deposit your tuition fees upfront.

Following up

So you have shortlisted a couple of engineering colleges and have applied to them. However, most colleges may require a couple of week’s time to reply. Till then, applicants are advised to study the various visa requirements for studying in Australia. This can be accomplished by visiting the official website of the Australia Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Australian education institutes usually award the selected students with an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), which is also a pre requisite for applying for a student visa. 


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